Afiablee Healthcare Solutions Services offers exceptional services in the healthcare industry. We offer a variety of RCM (revenue cycle management) and related services to the centre. We provide a number of services, including AR Calling, charge input, and patient demographic entry.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

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Skilled Nursing Facilities

The differentiator we bring to the skilled requirements of your nursing home

More than any other medical billing and collections company, Afiablee Healthcare Solutions Services is familiar with the business's claims adjudication standards. We collaborate with the best Medicare Skilled Nursing Facilities and are proficient in using all popular practise management and invoicing programmes in use across the country. In terms of your continuing medical billing needs, we serve as an extension.

We pledge to give you all of our assistance in making sure you have accurate checks and balances with quick previous authorization. We also assist you with the implementation of best practises to enhance your denial management and a comprehensive accounting receivables recovery process.

Investigate our AR administration process.

Our A/R follow-up services are made to help our clients increase income collection. When the provider has produced and sent manual HCFA Forms or electronic/paper claims to various insurance companies, the process can start. We start the process of following-up based on the sort of transmission and the amount of time after submission.

Value-based care provided by a skilled nursing facility can only be achieved if organisational priorities are set with the proper viewpoint. Nowadays, patients demand more individualised care and quick response times. You need a seamless link between your back and front offices, and you'll need specialised assistance, especially when it comes to Medicare-qualified nursing centre billing.

The essential actions to take when following up on accounts outstanding.

  1. Follow-Up on Online Allegations
  2. We keep track of any unresolved cases using the websites of various insurance companies as well as online platforms for payers.

  3. Automatic Follow-Up on Claims (IVR)
  4. Insurance providers will be able to use an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to inform you of the status of any unpaid claims when you contact them immediately by phone.

  5. Head of an insurance company
  6. If the two previously mentioned ways do not provide us with such information, we will be able to obtain more detailed reasons for claim denials by contacting a live insurance company representative.


    1. Revision and Resubmission of Claims
    2. These are claims that are amended—that is, they are changed, rectified, and then resubmitted to the insurance companies. In these situations, every attempt is made to find a solution without charging the patient.

    3. Patients' Obligations
    4. These are the claims that cannot be looked into further, and the patient is handed the final invoice for payment.

    In-Network costs and benefits that aren't covered by your insurance policy are usually among the justifications for giving the patient a statement. Patients receive a summary that includes concise justifications for the amount owed.

    We can assist you with your medical billing needs like no one else, and we're just an email away!