Afiablee Healthcare Solutions Services offers exceptional services in the healthcare industry. We offer a variety of RCM (revenue cycle management) and related services to the centre. We provide a number of services, including AR Calling, charge input, and patient demographic entry.

Dental Practices

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Dental Practices

Afiablee Healthcare Solutions offers comprehensive revenue cycle management services that streamline operations, boost effectiveness, and free up staff time in your business. We oversee both the front and rear ends of your revenue cycle. From making an appointment to following up with AR, we are by your side throughout the process.

Our Specialty

Our intention is to allow dentists to provide the best care possible for patients' dental requirements while we take the best possible care of them in order to be compensated.

In this respect, we put a lot of effort into maximising upfront payments to patients and achieving complete efficiency in the revenue collection process in order to assist our clients in overcoming their challenges in ensuring that reimbursements are effective. We are aware that managing the revenue cycle for dentists effectively necessitates having a comprehensive understanding of the complexity involved in generating and recovering revenues.

Our dentistry revenue cycle management solutions at Afiablee Healthcare Solutions take into account the needs of dental practises and include everything from CDT codification to an efficient fee schedule to advice on upcoming appointments, all with the goal of boosting revenue and lowering the number of denials. With the help of our extensive Dental RCM services, we help our customers save time so they can concentrate on the important aspects of their businesses.