Afiablee Healthcare Solutions Services offers exceptional services in the healthcare industry. We offer a variety of RCM (revenue cycle management) and related services to the centre. We provide a number of services, including AR Calling, charge input, and patient demographic entry.

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Afiablee Healthcare Solutions is dedicated to offering top-notch home healthcare invoicing services that are tailored to the individual requirements of its clients. Our clients have experienced significant benefits from our solutions for billing health at home throughout the billing process, especially in terms of profit and significant decreases in operational expense efficiency.

The Afiablee Healthcare Solutions Benefit

We are a market-leading home health billing company committed to offering superior home health billing solutions by working with the most qualified resources, continuously innovating, and giving our customers the best results possible.

Pick from one of our many comprehensive, long-lasting, and scalable home health billing options.


Prior Permission & Eligibility Verification We verify a patient's status for insurance coverage under their plan. Before providing any services, we obtain previous authorization as needed.

  1. Population & Fee Entry
  2. To generate claims and enter fees, we collect data on demographics, insurance, and other specific encounter information.

  3. OASIS Evaluation & Home Health Coding
  4. Depending on your requirements, we code at different levels and carefully review all documentation for clinical use.

  5. Billing and Filing of Claims
  6. We settle RAPs with no pay as well as End of Episode (EOE) claims. Both written and electronic claims are accepted by us.

  7. Posted Money
  8. All purchases are examined and published by us. Our payment posting services include patient, denied, and manual posting in addition to internet posting.

  9. Handling of Receivables
  10. We verify on the payers' payment status and follow up with them. We also investigate unpaid claims, respond to claim denials, and handle corrected claims.

  11. Refusal Control
  12. We identify and classify the causes for denial, resubmit the corrected claims, and take the necessary precautions to ensure that they don't happen again.

  13. Resolution of Credit Debt
  14. We'll check your credit card balances to search for errors and overpayments. Additionally, we will send refund notes for unpaid credit balances.

  15. Create Reports
  16. We can offer customised reports to suit your needs.

Why Are Companies Turning to Afiablee Healthcare Solutions For Home Health Billing Services? As one of the best companies offering home health billing services, we provide solutions that will help you solve issues, get better results, and work more efficiently. Having a deal with us has a number of advantages.

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