Afiablee Healthcare Solutions Services offers exceptional services in the healthcare industry. We offer a variety of RCM (revenue cycle management) and related services to the centre. We provide a number of services, including AR Calling, charge input, and patient demographic entry.

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Boost efficiency and quickness

The effective and prompt completion of billing and charge entry duties is essential for the success of medical billing. Any disruption in the way business is conducted can cause problems and have a negative effect on your profitability, from staffing issues to changing customer demand. To handle your billing requirements without breaking the bank, you need a scalable solution.

We hire certified medical billers who can correctly enter patient demographic data, and we train and educate them. For each service given, we ensure accurate billing by allocating precise and pertinent medical codes. All of this results in clear claims, precise billing, and prompt customer reimbursement.

The only surefire way to increase the amount of reimbursements your clinic receives is to implement a cutting-edge system that allows for accurate data input, thorough charge capture, and ongoing error detection and correction. We can provide your practise with precisely what you need: accurate patient demographic data entry, assignment of relevant medical codes to each service rendered, and fee calculation. All of this results in accurate invoicing, clear claims, and prompt payment to you.

Value-based care provided by a skilled nursing facility can only be achieved if organisational priorities are set with the proper viewpoint. Nowadays, patients demand more individualised care and quick response times. You need a seamless link between your back and front offices, and you'll need specialised assistance, especially when it comes to Medicare-qualified nursing centre billing.


  1. Entry Fee
  2. You can have a direct effect on your bottom line by using software that is specifically designed for your business and works seamlessly with your team to enable accurate data entry, complete cost capture, and ongoing error detection and correction. We specifically provide your company with this kind of answer.

  3. Posted Money
  4. The minor things, like accurate and timely payments and flexible staffing, can help your business maximise its profits. With Afiablee Healthcare Solutions, we make sure that dynamic capacity figures—rather than the volume of patients and workflow—are used to decide staffing levels. The timely processing of the money helps to increase the effectiveness of the revenue cycle and the amount of Accounts Receivable (AR).

  5. Resolution of Credit Debt
  6. You run the chance of understating your revenue if your AR has incomplete credit balances. Our team of knowledgeable billing specialists will identify and take care of any unresolved credit problems in accordance with legal requirements. Our automated medical invoicing processes make sure that duplicate payments, billing mistakes, and errors during the coding process are all removed over time.

  7. Contract Administration
  8. We contribute power to the table by disseminating knowledge that could result in higher reimbursements. With our healthcare contract administration solutions and software solutions that assist in the contract negotiations, we can help protect or raise the rate you are obligated to pay. We keep account of payments, schedule them, and help you bring in more money.

  9. Analytics
  10. You'll need tools that are quick to spot areas of revenue-generating procedures that are not being met if you want to improve your healthcare payment duration. Our analytics tools that perform predictive analysis give you access to knowledge that will improve your performance, forecasted forecasts, and bottom-line results.

Let Afiablee Healthcare Solutions Assist You in Increasing Your Revenue

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